Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with Scribe.ology?

Business development, human resources, and executive management can be reached by emailing info@scribeology.com or calling (877) 561-9404.

What is a medical Scribe?

A medical scribe is responsible for partnering with a physician to ease the burden of data gathering, EHR documentation, and ensuring documentation compliance. The impact of these duties is to increase practice productivity, improve patient throughput, impact charge capture rates, and provide a positive return on investment.

How does Scribe.ology train & recruit scribes for each practice?

Scribe.ology has a 3-tier approach to training and recruiting scribes for a medical practice.

Is there any prior training necessary to apply to be a scribe?

Although formal training is not a requirement to become a scribe, we do highly recommend applicants  have knowledge or background in medical terminology or have prior clinical experience.

If hired will my academic studies be taken into consideration when my schedule is created?

We pride ourselves on working with our scribes and our scribes’ school schedules!  We have a standard process we utilize to ensure your schedule is affected as little as possible.

What is Scribe.ology requirements for part time status?

Part time employees are required to be AVAILABLE for a minimum of 4 shifts per week (on 4 separate days) but are only required to work 3 shifts per week. Depending on your assigned site the shift lengths can vary from 8-12 hours.

How many different facilities will I have to work at?

Scribes are required to be processed at two facilities, however,  we normally are able to  keep each scribe at one primary site. Our scribes do have options to work at more facilities, if requested by the scribe.

How long does it take to start with Scribe.ology?

On average it takes about 2-6 weeks. There are many factors that can cause this timeframe to vary.

How long is your training?

Typically most scribes are in training for 2-3 weeks. We want to ensure that our scribes are adequately trained prior to scribing on their own, so trainees have to go through our strenuous training program. There are many factors that are evaluated and our dedicated trainers work along side with scribes to ensure that scribes are fully understanding their role prior to scribing solo.

What is the pay?

We pay the industry average and have automatic increases with experience. Unlike classes we pay you to learn and get first hand, real world experience at the heart of medicine.

What is the uniform?

To ensure professionalism we provide our scribes with company polo shirts; grey scrub pants and closed toe shoes are also a necessity.

Does Scribe.ology work with schools for a Co-Op class credit?

Yes! We have worked with universities and provide necessary documentation for scribing to be considered eligible for a co-op.

Are overnight shifts required?

Overnight shifts are not required. However, if part time you must meet part time requirements of 3 shifts available 3 separate days. Full time requirements are 6 shifts availability being 5 separate days.  Many times with minimal availability due to school schedules and extracurricular activities you will be required to work an overnight shift.

What are the shift times?

Shift times vary depending on which facility you are assigned to work and it should be noted that most operate 24/7.

Is there potential for growth as far as leadership positions?

We are continually growing and looking for motivated individuals that want to be our leaders!